I love flowers, as you can probably tell since I often place them alongside  my posts. They speak a language I know not, though I once read that flowers, and blue skies, and landscapes of magnificent beauty are a glimpse of heaven.

Today in the devotional Jesus Calling I read this: “I am calling you to a life of thankfulness… The basis for your gratitude is My sovereignty… I am the Creator and Controller of the universe… From your limited human perspective, it may look as if I’m mismanaging things. But you don’t know what I know or what I see…
Acknowledge my sovereignty by giving thanks in all circumstances.”

This is not a new concept, giving thanks in all things, but I approach it from a different point of view today and I choose to give thanks.

I still have little understanding of the events that have taken place in my life. Nor do I know the reason for the many encounters along this journey, but I give thanks for them, right here, right now, in the midst of disliking them as much today as I did when they occurred.


I know I’ve never really been in this place, truly in my heart, this place of on-going surrender. But I do know that I am finally learning to live with a daily trust in His ability to go way beyond my limits. I think that is due, in part to the fact that I have lost everything, though I hesitate to use that term because I haven’t “lost everything” to the extent that some folks have. But I have lost enough to know that life is about way more then those things that are seen.

And in that I am content.

In this moment, in this small span of time, I am at peace.

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