Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My family and I attended a minor league baseball game a couple of nights ago. I got free tickets from a city council person…plus a ticket for a free hot dog and small drink for each ticket holder. All the evening would cost us was a parking lot fee, if we couldn’t find a spot on the street.

Traffic was bad so we ended up missing the opening pitch. We arrived 15 minutes late and it was already the top of the 3rd! Seriously? As we were walking (and walking) to our seats way out in right field (or was it left), we passed a very long line. This line was the entire length of the outfield. As it turned out, this line was to The Overlook Grill, the place to redeem the ticket for the free fare, which was suppose to be our dinner.

We found our seats, and settled in. The foul pole was obstructing the view of a couple of family members. Not that it mattered too terribly much because the peeps who were behind that pole were also blinded by the glaring sun.

Maybe by the time we grabbed the dogs and pop, we reasoned, the sun would have disappeared behind the buildings. It was after all, setting rather quickly. We retrieved our meal tickets and noticed that they must be redeemed by 8:00, which left us about 20 minutes to stand in a 45 minute line.

My husband and two of our kids went to purchase food in a half-way normal length line.

By this time the sun had taken a considerable dive and we were able to see the game. It was difficult for the older folks (self included) to keep an eye on the ball, as we were so far from home plate, so I consoled myself with the fact that I could watch the screen and all the little games and antics that take place in between innings. Didn’t happen. The screen was behind the stand of bleachers in the outfield.

As it turned out, the only thing left for me to do to entertain myself was people-watching and listening in on a few conversations. “Why were the couple in front of us so quiet”, I pondered, “and is that 12 year old tiny girl really going to eat those two foot longs, and some cotton candy”? and “why do so many people leave a game so early”?

It wasn’t a bad night really. The weather was great and my whole family had actually been able to be in the same place at the same time. Ended up we did get another unexpected freebie. A bird flew over and dropped a gift in my daughter’s lap!

life…just saying

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