Being a Widow

I have had the opportunity to talk with several women about being a widow since starting my podcast, Chasing Hard When Life Doesn’t Turn Out the Way You Planned. Most of the widows are young. I also meet countless new widows on my job. I am a pastoral care coordinator at my church and arranging … Read more

Cross Country Move

I recently had my son, Luke, on the podcast, Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. We talked about his cross-country move and how we each look at it and feel about it. I remember thirty-plus years ago when I so wanted to become a mother. All my friends … Read more

Trusting God When the Pain Is Overwhelming

Trusting God when the pain is overwhelming is the premise of my podcast Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. Life can be hard and messy. It’s often hard to talk about these things but doing so takes away the power the feelings have over us when we gather … Read more

The Gift of Being Challenged

The phrase the gift of being challenged caught my attention as I read Debbie Macomber’s book, God’s Guest List. I have been served thoughts to chew on regularly as I read. She wrote, “The gift of being challenged and profoundly changed is a gift we often resist with every fiber of our being.” Uh, yeah. … Read more

Seeking God’s Will

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Seeking God’s will and Listening To God go together. According to Psalm 139, God has a plan for our lives but we each have a part to play. It seems like a good time to be seeking God about His plan, possibly more than ever. Here’s the thing about seeking God’s will, it’s not because … Read more