Disappointments are a part of life. We all face many challenges and some are bound to be full of disappointments. Even the very young have to deal with disappointments whether they are able to articulate what is going on or not. My recent podcast about Disappointments uses Joseph in the Old Testament as an example. … Read more

Make Life Count

making life count, doing hard things, trusting God in hard times, choosing to trust when life doesn't turn out the way you planned

What does it look like to make life count? Some things in life are hard but we do them anyway because that’s life and it goes quickly, and if we want to make life count then we have to show up and keep doing the next thing. I attended a dinner a while back. It … Read more

Invite God In

boldness, invite God in, trusting God, trusting God in hard times

I recently read a magazine article that has me thinking about boldness. It reminded me of how important it is to invite God into every situation we face. Boldness to invite God in. This story was about a couple who set sail across the Pacific Ocean on a small ship. One night a storm arose … Read more