Just Stay You

I was reading something the other day and the phrase “Just stay you” jumped off the page at me. Just Stay You. In a world that is constantly pulling us in all directions to “try this” and “be that” and “do this” and “life is short”…it gets complicated and confusing. Add that with the fact … Read more

Advice for Girls (Even if You’re Grown)

I always run across advice for girls posts while reading the blogs of others. These posts usually focus on young girls, but here’s the thing…a lot of items on these lists can be applied at any age, plus we are all young at heart, right? So here is my list of advice for girls, both … Read more

Sad Love Quotes

I am a collector of quotes as I’ve mentioned before. I found a few that I wanted to share as I was perusing the internet , thus sad quotes about love. What are your thoughts? Do they resonate with you? Are they true? Do you have any to add? I have a feeling that some … Read more