Even When The Day Is Hard

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Some days are hard. They just are. Yesterday was one of those days. I am accustomed to hard days so I know how to push through, but yesterday? It was just hard. As the wife of an addict I’m sure you can relate. Am I right? Usually I jump out of bed as soon as … Read more

Living In The Cracks

Have you ever hear of the phrase “in the cracks”? Let me give you a point of reference. Some of my writer friends who feel called to write, sometimes say they have to find the time to write. It’s like writing in the cracks of real life. What this phrase means to them when it … Read more

Live Well Even In Chaos

living well, living well even in chaos, emotionally healthy, recovery, doing the hard work

How do you live well even in chaos? There are many of us who have lived in dysfunctional homes yet have gone on to do the hard work of healing. We have discovered it is possible to live well even in chaos because we are better equipped to deal with situations, set boundaries, and stay … Read more

Grasping For Perspective

This post was originally published five years ago, and still, I can say that grasping for perspective is an important life skill to develop. Life ebbs and flows and changes happen whether we ask for them or not. Tough times are as much a part of life as breathing so learning the art of grasping … Read more

Ways To Honor Relationships

I just got home from the hospital. My son had his once dislocated shoulder surgically repaired today. Waiting rooms, I have found, give you the time and space to reflect. Ways to honor relationships is where I landed today. Life is short. It passes quickly. That isn’t a good reason to continue in an unhealthy … Read more