Trusting God When the Pain Is Overwhelming

Trusting God when the pain is overwhelming is the premise of my podcast Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned. Life can be hard and messy. It’s often hard to talk about these things but doing so takes away the power the feelings have over us when we gather … Read more

Talking With Madison About Alopecia

My last post was about me going gray Really though, it was about Madison, my amazing niece who is dealing with Alopecia. She graciously agreed to answer a few questions I had and I’m very excited to share it here! I hope you learn a little about this issue, because it’s important. This is a … Read more

Matters of the Heart

So many thoughts going on today from Billy Ray Cyrus to Solar Flares to Confiscation of 401ks, to banks that repo houses using the homeowner’s insurance to make claims, to getting my youngest to and from a basketball game which totaled one hour and a half driving time. All these things are matters of the … Read more

Life is an Experiment

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  It seems like life is an experiment. Why do we think we should know the answers to all of the difficulties of life? Why do we think we should know how faith is works and more specifically it connects in real life? The medical field most accurately describes what they do when they use … Read more