Being a Widow

I have talked with a few women about being a widow on Chasing Hard Podcast. They have different stories and stages of life when the death of their husband occurred yet the similarities that exist between their tale of hardship connects them in a way I’m sure they’d rather not be connected. Life can be … Read more

Not Just The Wife

marriage, struggles, not just the wife of an addict, not just the wife of a sex addict, you are more, God made you to be more, God has a plan for you, finding out who you are, grieving, grieving the things you loss in your marriage

I have great news to share today! You are not just the wife of an addict. The sum of your life is not the situations you have experienced. You are more than the dysfunction. You are more than the things you have survived. You are more. What were you like as a little girl? Who … Read more

5 Ways To Suffer Strong

A few weeks ago Katherine and Jay Wolfe spoke at our church. They shared their story about how they have and continue to suffer strong amid the unwanted and horrific situations of the past that have brought them to where they are today. Katherine shared a scripture that I wasn’t that familiar with. Isaiah 45:3 says, I … Read more

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

relationships, broken heart, identity, knowing your identity, knowing your identity in Christ,

Do you remember your first broken heart? I certainly remember mine. I thought I would die from the weightiness of it all. I remember listening to the Bee Gees’ song How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? over and over. The tenderness of a teenaged heart is something you never forget. Mending a Broken Heart … Read more

Stress Comes With Change

Most people don’t like change. It tends to make us edgy. Stress comes with change. It makes us nervous on a level we may not be aware of. We can get stuck in the circumstances of life, all caught up in the everydayness of what is happening around us. We are affected by what is … Read more