Talking With TyiaLynn

I have started having conversations with different people, like my friends Megan and Trevor Please join in my conversation with TyiaLynn, the founder of Critically Loved. She shared the struggles of dealing with a critically ill child and is using all the education, family struggles, grief and anxiety that surround this issue to help other … Read more

Talking With Megan

I had the honor of talking with my friend Megan a few days ago. She is a beautiful, brilliant and insightful woman, with just a little bit of life experience. I hope you listen and find things from our talk that help you with your journey.

Talking With Trevor

So, I started a new thing; Talking With A Friend. I have conversations via Zoom with various people (Megan} {TyiaLynn} in hopes of bringing you hope and encouragement. God can do great things in ways we cannot even imagine. This first conversation is with a co-worker, a young man who has been blessed with leadership … Read more