Obey The Hard Call

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When I started Chasing Hard Podcast, it was a choosing-to-obey-the-hard-call kind of thing. Chasing hard after God can mean chasing after hard things. Not that we go looking for hard things, they usually find us and when they do, we get to choose to obey the hard call. Talking with Samantha Ortiz was an obey … Read more

Betrayal Trauma

I was excited to connect with Jennifer Cole on Chasing Hard Podcast. We talked a lot about betrayal trauma. “Jennifer has extensive training and has served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS). She is an Energy Leadership Index: tm:️ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and is also … Read more


“Loneliness is such a sad affair, and I can hardly wait to be with you again.” Those are some lyrics to the hit song Superstar by The Carpenters that was released in 1971. I was reminded of those words today as I listened to Kyle Idleman talk about loneliness in his sermon called Proximity Principle//One … Read more

It’s Not About the Stuff

Les Brown was known to say; “In the end, it is the person you become, not the things you achieve, that is most important.“…nor is it the stuff you collect, I might add. Don’t get me wrong, I like my stuff the same as the next person, but one thing I have discovered over the … Read more