Being a Widow

I have talked with a few women about being a widow on Chasing Hard Podcast. They have different stories and stages of life when the death of their husband occurred yet the similarities that exist between their tale of hardship connects them in a way I’m sure they’d rather not be connected. Life can be … Read more

Grasping For Perspective

This post was originally published five years ago, and still, I can say that grasping for perspective is an important life skill to develop. Life ebbs and flows and changes happen whether we ask for them or not. Tough times are as much a part of life as breathing so learning the art of grasping … Read more

Choose God

I took a walk on this gorgeous fall afternoon. The blue sky was akin to that of the wide open spaces of Montana’s Glacier National Park, which I adored when my family visited a few years back. My thoughts stayed on how to choose God in adverse situations when life doesn’t turn out the way … Read more