Sunday Football Food

I’m not sure what’s going on at your house today but we have Sunday football and food happening here. Both games will be watched here today and tonight, and what better food than pizza?

pizza, football, Boom Bozz, game food

We picked up Boom Bozz earlier today and it was good stuff! Boom Bozz just opened a new store close to us. It looks like a nice place to eat but today called for carryout.

pizza, Boom Bozz, game day, football

Boom Bozz is actually one of my favorite pizzas. It is a nice balance of sauce, toppings and just the right amount of crust. The crust of pizza is my favorite. I could totally live on bread! Totally, but I try not to.

Pizza, favorite food, football, game food

The fam enjoyed the pizza and there were two pieces leftover from two large. The price is reasonable too. I can’t wait to visit again even on a non Sunday Football day.

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