Stress Comes With Change

Most people don’t like change. It tends to make us edgy. Stress comes with change. It makes us nervous on a level we may not be aware of. We can get stuck in the circumstances of life, all caught up in the everydayness of what is happening around us. We are affected by what is going on in our relationships and what happens at work or in other areas of life. We can only change what is in our power to do so. We need to trust in a Higher Power and ask God for help. 

Change is inevitable and stress comes with change.

Why do we tend to look at change as a bad thing? It is the one constant in our lives so we must not only learn to accept change, but to embrace it as well. In fact, very now and then, we can even initiate it in our lives.

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All change creates a chance to grieve. Whether the change is something you ask for or not. Whether it is for the better or not. It is necessary to grieve the losses in our lives big and small in order to live our best lives.

Focusing on the things that have been but no longer are, can keep you from the things that are possible for your future. We don’t want to lose sight of knowing with every change there is a loss, whether it is good or bad, planned or totally unexpected. To get stuck in the ‘what ifs’ and ‘how comes’ can distract you from the here and now and leave you with little hope for the future.

The reward of change comes when you let go of the fear and enjoy the ride.

How are you with change? Are you aware of the thoughts that race through you head when you’re faced with something new or different? Have you ever paid attention to what goes on in your body when you go through a season of change? Loss of sleep and a tight feeling in your chest are some of the most obvious things you can detect. But what about your mental attitude? 

Paying attention to how your body feels can be key in realizing how stressed you are even if you’re unaware of being stressed.

Becoming aware of how change brings stress and the affects it has on our minds, bodies and relationships is the first step in becoming a healthier person.

Being intentional to sit still will help you quiet the voices in your head due to the chaos that change can bring. 

Let me know how I can pray for you today.


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