Staying Well

I recently heard a term that I was unfamiliar with, staying well. Just last week I sat in a room with coworkers who are mental health professionals. I listened as they talked about the idea of staying well in not-so-mentally healthy situations.

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Staying well looks a lot like being called to stay in my opinion. I did a podcast with Called to Stay as the topic. The idea being, when a woman (or man) finds themselves in a mentally and emotionally unstable situation or relationship they can choose to stay. In fact, they may feel called to stay and that’s okay as long as they do so in a healthy manner. That is where staying well comes into play.

Life can get tricky, hard even. We all have our crosses to bear. If you find yourself in an unstable marriage, you can choose to stay. You may feel like God has called you to stay for a purpose you may or may not understand. I honor your decision to obey God in that calling. Choosing to stay doesn’t mean, however, that you become a doormat. That honors no one. Not God, nor your husband. It doesn’t value the person God created you to be either. Staying well helps everyone involved in unhealthy circumstances.

Staying well can be utilized in toxic work environments. You may not have the option to leave due to financial responsibilities. You may like the company you work for and want to continue to be an employee there. Putting the proper boundaries in place, with appropriate safeguards to ensure your mental and emotional wellbeing is a great way to do so.

Here are a few tips when choosing Called to Stay and Staying Well that might help you in your journey.

  1. Make appropriate boundaries.
  2. Ask for help in making and implementing those boundaries.
  3. Educate yourself on what boundaries are and how to put them into place.
  4. Find margin for rest and a way to fill yourself up.
  5. Seek help to implement boundaries, rest and refreshing for your soul.

Staying well in unhealthy relationships can and should honor God, the other people involved, and the person God created you to be.

If you need additional resources in learning how to stay well, reach out. I would be humbled to assist.



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