Sping and What I Miss

Life is a funny thing. The simple things we take for granted, even look upon as somehow undesirable, end up, at times, being what is  most important.

“They say you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone” as Toby Mac sang in Gone. I find this to be true, especially in Spring, and Summer… and Fall, and Winter too, if truth be told.

The photo above is a picture from the front porch of our one-time home. These were the flowers and blooms that would burst forth with color, heralding the birth of the new season. I do miss those flowers of Spring, that I passionately planted and tended.

We had a few apple trees on the property. Only one survived and this is a bloom from one season, the only time this tree ever bloomed and bore fruit.

The photo above and the one below show what I perhaps miss the most of the place we called home for thirteen years. The part of the property I lovingly mowed (or not, as pictured above). I so enjoyed riding the mower and taking care of the grounds, except for the fact that I also liked the wild flowers that sprang up when I didn’t. We fenced the area where we grew our garden. It kept the deer out (for the most part), and the rabbits; but not the Box Turtles, or the raccoons who actually ate more corn on the cob than we did!
And the pool; a view from our deck. A refreshing and peaceful place that I miss so much.
And another thing I miss…those

 home improvement projects. There was a wood walkway in front of our house for most of the thirteen years we lived there that we affectionately call, “The Plank”. We put in a flagstone (of sorts) walk. It was work-intensive and a little costly but very worth the sweat and sore muscles (just ask my husband). It didn’t turn out quite how we wanted but that’s the way it usually goes…for us, anyway.
One of the really bizarre things about the area where we lived was the huge ant hills as pictured above. This photo doesn’t do the ant hills justice. They could be five feet wide, and three feet tall. And they were everywhere! My boys would sometimes (along with their friends), place bottle rockets inside an ant hill, and light it to see it blow up. Don’t tell anyone, however, cruelty to ants and all. Actually it was the friends’ idea, and the friends are the ones who did it. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Those suckers could certainly bite…the ants, not the boys.
The Fall was nice as well, though I could find no pictures. There was a lot of colors that were very vibrant against that deep blue sky due to the many trees on the property.

 The deck was an inviting place to sit and swing, in a park-like setting. It stretched across the back of the house. A great feature for someone who loves the outdoors.

 And Winter too could be oh, so lovely, especially nestled and cozy by a roaring fire inside.

I’m not sure why the walk down memory land, and yet, it is inevitable, I suppose, as I watch the flowers begin to push their way through the earth, trees begin to bud, and the dormant grass turning green.

I know this too is a season in my life, this period in between homes that we own, but I do get a little melancholy at certain times of the year, and as different events bring those memories to light.
Thanks for letting me share.

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