Small Matters

Happy Easter! Yes, I know Easter is a pagan term and it’s truly about the Resurrection of Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of all. Sometimes we get caught up in small matters.

Speaking of small matters, I spent last night at The Sanctuary Music Venue listening to six talented bands battle for a chance to play at Ichthus, for the opportunity to appear on the “big stage” in June, at Wilmore, Kentucky…Ichthus 2011.

small matters, big matters, small matters make a life, a life well lived, trusting God

Music has changed over the years, even more so has Christian music which isn’t necessarily small matters but it matters all the same. It’s a balancing act of worship and the show…you must have stage presence all the while balancing that with worship, the real reason for Christian music. Still trying to understand the mosh pit, but that’s okay, somethings I’ll never get. And head banging makes me chuckle. I realize these statements cause me to appear old and that’s okay too. I am. Age definitely falls under small matters.

I’m thinking of the bands who didn’t make it to the big show, my son’s who play a different kind of music which doesn’t incite throwing your body around in a crowd. Or the talented writer with a seemly blog and a heart to promote good, clean talent. These are not small matters either but the matter so much. The lonely soul who doesn’t seem to fit in. All those who are always searching but never finding what it is that will truly make their lives more joyful. I am thinking of all the folks with so many good questions who find answers that don’t make sense…but in the end, what matters most, is how you live your life on Earth and what happens next.

Small matters make up a life well lived. Making decisions on your values and not according to the disappointments in life or the things we don’t understand. When all is said and done, small matters matter most.


5 thoughts on “Small Matters”

  1. Great meeting you last night at the Sanctuary! The kind words of encouragement from you and your husband were so appreciated. Didn’t know y’all were homeschoolers, too! Small world! I hope that we’ll continue to connect online. Have a great rest of the weekend.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Hello! Stopping by from the blog hop! I just took the family to your side of the country — Kentucky (Mammoth Caves to be specific, though we went to Bowling Green and Lousiville, too). We had a great time, and it was warmer than Michigan!


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