Sisterhood: By Choice

My friend, Mary, at True You Living wrote an amazing post. It was amazing to me for several reasons.

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1. She caught the essence of our friendship in those first few paragraphs. Neither Mary or I have sisters by blood. We may be the closest thing to sisters both of us have. We are sisters by choice.

2. What she did for me during a very difficult time… I. Can’t. Even.

3. She described perfectly what she does as a Life Coach, and what I do as well. Our hearts are to walk with women who are in transitions of every kind, in every phase. We do that with each other, and we both count it an honor to journey with other women who are faced with difficult times. We do it because we both know personally how it feels to navigate those scary, unstable waters; and we know too, how very important it is to have someone with us as we go.

I want to share the beginning paragraph of her post with you here:

“Ba-bing… Ba-bing…” my text alert sounded as I was walking my mighty Schnauzer pup, Niki. Sliding my cell phone out of my pocket and glancing at the screen, I instantly felt connected. It was my bestie, of over 30 years. Through three states, five kids, and multitudes of cozy- balcony, girl chats, we’ve been through a lot together. Not only is she sharp, witty, fun, focused and beautiful inside and out… I trust her, completely. There is no judgment; rather support and commitment. Well, better yet, there is the powerful double AA effect: Acceptance and Accountability. I don’t know where I’d be without her. I thank God for Laurie, daily.

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If you like what you read, feel free to contact Mary (her contact info is on her site), or me, to see if what we do (she or I) is a fit for you. And ask about our Facebook group that we have together!

Just don’t go it alone.

Empowering women to recreate their life stories and dance in the fulfillment of their dreams~

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