Hello. My name is Laurie and I am a shoe-aholic. I am, it’s true. Yesterday I was in Target. I was there looking for a particular item having nothing to do with shoes. As I was leaving, however, I decided to swing by the shoe department and see what was new.

shoes. shoe-aholic, boots, closet, too many shoes, it's a shoe thing

And then it happened.

I saw the perfect pair of boots. It’s winter. It’s cold. Heck, there was snow on the ground. Although this pair of boots that I spied with my little eye aren’t really snow boots per se, they certainly looked like they could keep a pair of feet warm during this already too cold season. I frantically looked for my size and, AND…as luck would have it, I found it! Ah, destiny. It was meant to be.

When I got home I showed my daughter, who just so happens to work at Target, this awesome find I was most fortunate to stumble upon. She said to me: “Don’t you already have a pair of boots like that (looking at my feet which happened to be wearing a similar pair)? Wait, WHAT?!!! She clearly doesn’t understand the thing about shoes.

shoes. shoe-aholic, boots, closet, too many shoes, it's a shoe thing

Granted, the boots I was wearing did (slightly) resemble the pair I had just bought, but oh, the differences, let me count the ways.

I know I have a problem. Admitting it is the first step, right? I have more shoes/boots/sandals/flip-flops/casual and dress shoes than I can count (or practically store). I have shoes I don’t remember wearing. I have shoes I don’t remember buying. I have shoes I don’t understand why I needed or wanted.


Clearly there is a problem here.

I have admitted written about this problem before: Shoes, Glorious Shoes. You can click to read.

I come by my love of shoes honestly. My grandma; God rest her soul. It’s in my DNA. The women loved shoes. She even went the extra mile and had matching purses. Those things were more common and acceptable in those days, and even, dare I say, expected. Darn it all that I was born in a different era!

My younger brother also inherited the shoe thing. It is a shoe thing, and maybe you don’t understand either? Our youngest child, the boy who is 18, sort of gets it too.

I once had a friend who commented on why I had so many pairs of shoes. She said they all looked the same. Needless to say our friendship was never quite the same.

I have a problem, I will admit. I love shoes. I have shoes. I have too many shoes. I am a shoe-aholic.

But come on, aren’t they adorbs?

shoes. shoe-aholic, boots, closet, too many shoes, it's a shoe thing

It’s a shoe thing, you wouldn’t understand, or do you?

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