Shoes, Glorious, Shoes!

I love shoes. I hate to over use the word but what can I say? I love shoes. I come by it honestly. My grandmother had a ton of shoes, with matching purses, no less. I used to love visiting her house when I was young, My grandmother was a small woman which meant she had small feet. When I was in grade school we wore the same size. I was in dress-up heaven when I went to her house.

I remember going upstairs where she kept a small room filled with her clothes and shoes!!! I would ever so carefully select the pairs I wanted to use, with her permission, of course, lug them downstairs and go out on the enclosed back porch, where you could hear the clomping noise from the high heels best. The clomping noises the shoes would make were a definite part of the overall experience.

As a teenager my best friend once made a statement that stopped me in my tracks. She asked me why I had so many different shoes because they all looked alike. I was shocked, stunned, floored! What?!!! Why have so many shoes? They all looked alike?!!! She truly didn’t get it and I began to wonder if I had erred in judgement when I deemed we were compatible.

Now that I am older, I can honestly say that I still love shoes! I can be flipping through a catalog, or walking through a store and spot the shoe department. I just can’t help myself…I have to stop and look. I have even bought an outfit to go with a pair of shoes that were so cute I just had to have them. Shoes can make or break an outfit, you know.

Can you ever really have too many pairs of shoes? I do admit, however, I have my favs. Some shoes I hardly ever wear. But I take comfort in the fact that they are in my closet, right where they belong, only steps away…just in case.

I’m a little wiser; a little pickier in my shoe selection these days. I can’t go for the high, spiked heels though I find them fascinating. I’m older and I’ve had foot surgery, but that doesn’t stop me from looking. It just takes a little longer these days to find the perfect pair of shoes.

I will leave you with a quote, adapted to fit the topic, “So many shoes, so little time.”

life…just saying

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