She Knows Cookies

One of the blogs I follow recently posted about one of my favorite things to bake…cookies. I’m pretty particular when it comes to baking cookies. If there is an area where I’m a bit rigid, it would be in baking cookies.

Candied Bacon Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

One Part Joy – One Part Circus knows her stuff when it comes to baking cookies. She said in her post: 7 Simple Tips for PERFECT Holiday cookies (for “Santa”)

“For years I struggled.

I was raised by a … well… a person who made everything healthy.
Cookies were made with applesauce, not butter.
Pancakes were made out of whole wheat flour and bran… not Bisquick…
I don’t know for sure if my mom could bake, because she always made everything healthy…
It wasn’t as though we were wrestling to get the first taste. (LOVE YOU MOM!!)

I couldn’t bake.

I could cook. I could BBQ.

But… I could not make a cookie to save my life.”

Please click here to read her tips!

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