Saying Good-bye to Another Year,

Time to say farewell to another year…already. 2011 held some good, some bad, some ugly and some sad, sad times, but One thing remains the same, consistently, and never changes. For that I am eternally grateful.

The beginning of the year started out with many tears. They slowly but surely ebbed as I looked up and deep within, and found something new, yet always there, patiently waiting for me to receive this healing and alive.

My dad quite smoking! It was one of the first good things of the year. He was quite sick for several weeks. So he just stopped. After many years of talking about it, cutting down, and feeling bad about never quite sticking with it, he stopped. It is hard on him still, I know, though he doesn’t really say much, it was such a part of his life. He is a brave and courageous man with a very good heart.

My mother accomplished a goal as well. She self-published a book she has been working on for quite some time. It is a compilation of family recipes with antidotes included. Each of her children, and ours as well, received a copy for Christmas. It is a gift I will cherish always. Kuddos to my mommy.

Time spent with friends through periods of joy and grief were present on several occasions. That is as much a part of life as breathing. The constantness of saying good-bye to things and people cherished, and welcoming the new and unknown into our midst. That is life too.

Life is breathing and forever changing. We would be fools not to acknowledge that and make the necessary adjustments to continue to flow with the tide. The realization that life is as much about pain as it is of joy is another reminder that we are still human and sojourning on this earth, although only as temporary visitors, and those of us who Chose to See, are watching, waiting and living our lives with quiet expectations. 

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