S A T U R D A Y and the Movies

S A T U R D A Y and the Movies

I’m going to finish my S A T U R D A Y post…no Bay City Rollers included this time.

Last Wednesday I took my two nieces (who spend a lot of time with me during the Summer while their parents are at work) to see a movie…Despicable Me 2,  which is a tradition for us. I take them to a movie every Summer during their break from school. My 21 year old son tagged along as well…a bonus for me… no wait, it cost me more money! It was nice to have him along though.

Anyway…while we were waiting for the movie to begin, you know the thirty minutes of previews, I saw the trailer for a made-for-television Disney movie that was airing soon called Teen Beach Movie. If you have young kids and watch the Disney Channel I’m sure you know all about it. That was my first taste. I immediately texted my daughter to set up to record (you think I know how to do that?!!). And so she did.

The preview of the Teen Beach Movie reminded me of the many hours spent watching Disney Channel when my kids were young. I actually liked a lot of the shows on there. I was longing for the days we would watch Lizzie McGuire and Suite Life and…dang! I can’t even remember anymore titles, though I see blips of the shows passing through my brain like an old fashioned reel to reel.

The plan for Saturday was to watch not just one movie, but two! That’s right, a movie marathon of sorts…okay, a mini marathon. I rented a movie from Redbox. Keeping it light, keeping it girlie, missing Hannah Montana… I rented So Undercover with Miley Cyrus. It was mildly entertaining and reinforced my opinion that Miley should have stayed with the whole Hannah Montana gig.

No worries though, we were going to watch another movie later. We would redeem our first so-so movie event.

I chose to do the Teen Beach thing. How could that be a fail? It was Disney after all! Wrong.

My favorite part of the movie was the beginning when they dedicated it to the memory of Annette Funicello. It was downhill from there. It’s not that it was a terrible movie…in fact I know a lot of youngsters and their parents (moms) who liked the movie. You can’t go home again, as the saying goes, you can’t relive your children’s childhood either.

The Teen Beach Movie was a High School Musical wanna be, meets Back to the Future, with a Westside Story theme thrown in. It just didn’t do it for me, or my daughter either, for that matter. Not very original to say the least.

I don’t watch movies often. I go to the theater even less, so when I do invest the time to watch a movie whether at home or at the theater, I really do expect to be entertained. I actually did like Despicable Me 2. The other two…eh.

But wait, there is one more. It turned out to be a movie kind of week for me. On Sunday my daughter and I watched the first Cedar Cove movie showing on the Hallmark Channel that we recorded on Saturday while watching the other movies. I am a fan of Debbie Macomber so I have been looking forward to this series, especially since I have read all the books. It was good. The book was better. Always the case.

And that concludes my S A T U R D A Y with my daughter, and my personal movie reviews.

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  1. A movie filled weekend, awesome! I used to love lizzie mcguire and the suite life. The old hannah montana was also pretty hilarious, not the forever series. Really looking forward to watching despicable me 2, the minions are just too cute.


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