Revisiting the Goose

I’m rethinking my rant on that goose. If you didn’t see it this will bring you up to speed: I Hate Geese.

I gotta tell ya’ll, I went back the next night to see if he was still there.

Yes I did and yes he was.

So was wifey, sitting on the nest, that actually looked way bigger than the night before.

I was still a little pissed. I’m not proud of that fact…just keeping it real.

geese, attacked by a goose, why I hate geese


I saw the man-goose several yards from the attack spot, so I pulled my CR-V close to the nest. I just wanted to see what attack goose would do. I got out of the vehicle, meandering slowly  toward the nest just to get a rise from he-goose.

I did. Not much, but enough to satisfy whatever I was looking for.

We have a problem, Houston, I am waging war on a goose…who is only doing his job…

Tonight I heard a story that put things in perspective. This person was saying how mad they got because the eighteen year old checker at the local grocery store did not respond to their greeting. This person decided then and there to get this kid fired.

I was thinking this person was over-reacting and then the goose flashed through my mind.

Hmm, there is a deeper issue than a goose.

Really? I’m letting a goose control my emotions? I realized that I was spending way too much time and energy on a goose that was only doing what was ingrained in him. He was reacting and protecting just the way God created him to.

I had to let it go.

I’m making peace with the goose.

I’m making peace with myself.

It’s really not about the goose, or the checker at the local Wal-Mart, or the crazy driver who slowed down so I couldn’t get over, or the dang table I banged my leg on,  or, well, you get the picture.

Nah, it’s all about what’s going on inside.

Don’t compare your insides to someone else, because all you see is their outside. I know better than to do that. And yet, I did. It’s easier to look outside than to look deep within and discover the bigger issue.

I think I have.

I wish the goose family no harm. In fact, I hope they are able to be safe in that very busy parking lot. I’m afraid for the man-goose. He’s aggressive, doing his job to protect his family.

It is well with my soul now that I have revisited the geese.

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