Relationships, Always and Forever

When my kids were young and growing up, I remember telling them on more than one occasion, how important relationship are, always and forever.

They. Just. Are.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Relationships, always and forever. Not just any relationship but GOOD relationships.

In fact, oftentimes when they were presented with a difficult decision or an issue that was a bit overwhelming to handle, I would ask them, “What is the most important thing?” And they always knew the answer, relationships.

Not just relationships, but GOOD ones. Always and forever.

I still feel this way, for what other thing can last an entire lifetime? .

I’ve written before on Relationships. You can click the link and see what I was saying in June of 2009.

I’m still learning about relationships, and most importantly, about how I interact in the many relationships I am in or have been a part of from childhood and beyond. I find it all very interesting, and painful too, for it can sometimes be grievous, learning about ourselves, the innermost parts, the parts we keep hidden and buried deep, for to take these things out for examination, that requires determination and a willingness to take a look at what we find, and decide what to do with these treasures unearthed.

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Yep, I said treasures. They are treasures, when all is said and done, for[Tweet ” if we never found these gems of our personal selves we would never have the opportunity to grow.”]

This is actually not at all where I was going with this post but I think I’ll continue in this vein.

If you are like me and you have ventured down the road of relationships and the importance thereof, then it’s my guess that you have encountered, face-to-face, the very essence of who you are. You may have decided you didn’t like what you found and tucked those things safely back in their hiding place,  for safe-keeping,  or perhaps for another day, when you are more able and willing to not only take a peek, but to make some changes to aid in a healthier relationship with your family and friends.

And that’s okay.

You may have had a different experience, however. Maybe you were thrown into a situation that required more than you thought you had inside yourself, and you are right, but there is good news. You don’t have to examine these things that cause such feelings of pain all alone.

That’s why you need a Higher Power, and a friend or two that will sit with you as you sort through the closet of emotions you have kept locked away for most of your adult life.

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I hope you have them all and I would love to hear how you are dealing with these things you find in your relationship closet, always and forever.


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