Reality Check

I just finished cleaning the luxury condo of a perfectly lovely, elderly couple. I’ve had this job for about a year now. They are sweet, understanding and easy to work for. I like them both a lot, but they need a reality check.

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Mrs. G is a very organized lady, graceful and kind. Today she was flustered, however, because she is preparing for a trip. She and her husband are going to “The Cape”. They are attending the wedding of the grandson of their dear, deceased friends, which is sweet and thoughtful, but reality check for real!

This couple I clean for are in their early 80s and stay active playing golf, entertaining and patronizing the arts. They also travel a lot. So far this year they have been on a cruise (they do so every Christmas through the new year); they went to Destin, Florida with friends, to golf and escape the cold for a couple of weeks during the winter; a short trip to Nashville, Tennessee and now they will be gone for 21 days. They are stopping in the Poconos at “one of their timeshares” on the way to the Cape and on the way home.

Reality check time. I don’t know anyone who lives like this.

Mrs. G finds traveling very tiring…the packing, the unpacking, the sitting in the car. She can only ride in a car for six hours. I get it, really, I do! Traveling can be very exhausting but, in my mind, I’m thinking, “Are you serious? Really? You’re complaining about this”? We all have our own cross to bear, I suppose and sometimes it includes a reality check.

Clearly this woman is a bit delusional, elderly or not. Someone needed to set her straight, remind her of the victims of nature’s catastrophes, show her the starving children in Africa. Something!!! I guess I was the man (so to speak) for the job.  So, I did the only thing I knew to do. With a smile on my face, I offered to go in her place.

I think gave her the reality check she needed.

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