Reading The Way to Wealth by Brian Tracy

I’ve started reading a new book. The Way to Wealth Part 1 by Brian Tracy. This quote stopped me dead in my tracks. He said, “You have more talent, ability, and innate potential than you could use in 100 lifetimes.” Amazing!

Why then, don’t we know this? Why do most people wander around wondering why we haven’t reached our goals, realized our dreams, fail to achieve what we work so hard for and see others, effortlessly (or so it seems) get what they want?

Brian Tracy talks about The Law of Belief which states, “Whatever you believe, with feeling or conviction, becomes your realty.” He cites William James of Harvard saying, “Belief creates the actual fact.” The New Testament states that “According to your faith it is done to you.” Wow!

It can’t be that simple, I am hearing you say. I tend to agree. Belief isn’t automatic. It doesn’t just happen. It takes cultivation, and continual care. But I think it may be worth the effort to arrive at the place where you can believe all things are possible. It’s worth the ponder, at any rate.

Happy Thanksgiving (belated)!


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