Random Things About Last Week (Mostly)

1.  I tried Reese’s Puffs muffin mix. Not bad for a mix.

2.  Flowers that have been artificially colored, although very pretty, don’t last long.
3.  I didn’t make the Gaslight Festival AGAIN this year!!!
4.  Although I was looking for a blue purse this one isn’t quite the blue I wanted.
5.  Yards sales are cool. I got this green (not my fav color) leather couch for the family room for $30 including delivery.
6.  And this mirror was thrown in. What to do with that? Perhaps I should paint it?
7.  My son wanted a coconut cream pie. I copied the recipe on the back of this bag. It flopped! They said it tasted like French Toast…the texture more than the flavor, I think. Uh…yeah.
8.  It still got eaten. (Yes, I used a frozen pie crust from the store.)
9.  The weekend went really fast.
10.  It’s Monday again. Looking forward to dinner with a very good friend tonight!

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