Could Be Worse

I have a problem, one of many if I am being totally honest, but let’s just focus on the one for now. I love shoes. It could be worse.

I love shoes. I do! I just bought the cutest pair of Candie’s sandals from Kohl’s. I don’t need another pair of sandals, or shoes for that matter, but they are so stinking cute, a color I was looking for (minus the sparkles, but hey, I’m getting older so I like bling) and… AND? I had a 30% off coupon!

Candies Shoes

I have too many shoes, I know. Some I haven’t worn in years or only a few times for several reasons, yet I can’t come to terms with parting with them. Every time I resolve to go into my closet and get rid of the shoes I NEVER wear I usually walk away with only one pair I’m willing (sort of) to donate to a favorite charity. I make myself.

I think I have a problem. I come by it honestly, I know. My grandma loved shoes too! It’s genetic. Sticking to it.

My grandma had tons of shoes, boxes and boxes with matching purses too. She was very serious about her problem, uh shoes.

When I was a little girl and would visit their farm with my family, one of the things I loved to do was play dress-up with her shoes. I didn’t need the clothes, or accessories, nope, just let me at the shoes! The beauty of it all was she was a small woman, coming in around 4″ 10 on a good day, so her shoes would totally fit as I pranced around in heels on their enclosed back porch, with matching purse no less. I was in make believe heaven.

I guess we all have a vice. Mine is shoes, and chocolate, and books.

Could be worse, right?




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