Pondering the Events

Lest you think I’m only about the down and depressing aspects of life I just wanted to share that my dear friend, Debbie, became a grandma again on December 30! Yay! She has her second granddaughter, who looks like a real sweetie from the pictures I’ve seen.

I received a Christmas present from a customer I clean for that quite overwhelmed me. Their generosity was a bit over the top, but greatly appreciated.

I had dinner tonight with my entire family. Yep, all three kids were present and accounted for.

I am a blessed individual.

I have been thinking about a few friends of mine who are going through a bit of a hard time. I can’t help thinking and praying and thinking of them a lot these last few days.

Dylan’s family for one, the young man who left this world last week, to enter into his forever home. So cool, but so terribly sad. The visitation and funeral are at the end of the week. The waiting must feel like a limbo-type situation for his family and those who were close to him.

There was a memorial service tonight in his honor at the high school where he was a senior. Although I did not attend, I gather it was quite a moving experience. God bless that dear family.

I have a close friend who spent the weekend with her father. He has cancer and isn’t doing so well. She and her brothers made the decision a few weeks ago that he needed to live with someone now, no longer able to be on his own. They packed him up and moved him to his new home, a new state, to live with his son and family. It was difficult for my friend to watch him say good-bye to friends and long- time neighbors, and have them whisper in her ear to keep them posted on his progress. My friend is pretty sure she just spent her last Christmas with her father, here on earth anyway. Tough times indeed.

Another friend goes for a MRI Wednesday to determine if the stage 1 cancer in her breast can be treated with a lumpectmy and radiation or a mastectomy. Another really difficult place to be, yet her attitude is very upbeat. She said she is going to “fight like a girl.”

My prayers are with them all. The good stuff and the bad as well. May God grant them all peace which only He can supply.

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