Pink, Tiaras and Glitter

I attended a wedding recently. This wedding was all pink, tiaras and glitter. If you read my post about the letter written by a man to his daughter about her future husband then you will appreciate this tale.

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I heard a story several weeks after the wedding took place, that made me go all jello-like on the inside. When it comes to weddings, that’s a hard sell with me. I’m not a huge fan.

The groom had a gift for the bride the night before the wedding. It was a special moment shared with just the two of them, but so powerful was the message that the retelling has occurred.

Lest you think this is a story of young love, it’s not. This couple is safely into their mid thirties.

The bride took the offered gift from the groom and listened to the words he spoke from his heart. She opened the gift, and much to her surprise and delight, unwrapped a tiara. It was a simple tiara. Not bejeweled with expensive stones.

The words, however, are a different story. The words he spoke next were priceless indeed. He said to his bride that she didn’t have to wear the tiara on their wedding day if she didn’t want to.

Because, he told her, she would be wearing a tiara for the rest of their lives together.

Some of you may be rolling your eyes at this point. And if you knew the groom, you would be surprised at the sentiment and romanticism. He’s a pretty rugged guy who likes to have fun. Who knew still waters ran so deep in him?

If you are rolling your eyes, then clearly this post is not for you, but if you are one of the few who gets what he said, both male and female alike, then welcome to the club.

Where did he get this idea? How did he gain such knowledge? Surely he holds the key to unlock a forever love. It’s not about treating her like a queen, or him being the king of the castle.

It  IS  about knowing that she is a gift to be treasured and as he demonstrates such devotion, she can’t help but to respond in kind.

My guess is that this couple will stand the test of time. They will weather the storms well that come their way, together, for they share a rich and abiding love.

Where did he get this idea, I ask again? I’m going out on a limb when I make this assumption, but I think it was demonstrated by his parents, and to his parents, my hat is off. Well done.

No marriage is perfect nor made in heaven, but I say this couple of pink, tiaras and glitter, are well on their way to a joyful and blessed union.

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