Perspective Again

Today was a nice day weather-wise. It wasn’t in the 90s for the first time in at least a week. It was a good day to be outside. Even my mailman husband thought so. Only problem is I don’t have an ‘outside’ and I miss that so much now that I live in an apartment. So I was feeling a little sorry for myself about the whole ordeal…yet again, but as I posted back in October Perspective is Everything.

We got news tonight that a close family member who had cancer eight year ago found out yesterday that it has returned. They don’t know a lot of details yet just that cancer cells were present in the blood work. There are options and they are taking one day at a time.

I had lunch earlier this week with a friend who had breast cancer four years ago. She has had painful complications ever since…lives in pain everyday, in fact, and knows that at each check-up she too could get the news that it has returned. What a way to live.

I still don’t like my living arrangements but I have the easier thing to deal with when it comes to a lot of life situations.

Perspective is indeed everything. My prayers are with these loved ones and their families.

life…just saying

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