Parenting Adult Kids

Who knew parenting adult kids would be a thing? It is. It’s a different kind of parenting for sure but it is real. I’ve talked about it on my podcast Chasing Hard, Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Turn Out The Way You Planned but never here.

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I was talking with someone on the podcast about this very topic not too long ago and this is what she said when it comes to adult kids, “Pray more, say less”. I love that! It puts the phases of parenting into perspective.

Truthfully, you don’t get a say in the lives of your adult kids unless there are extenuating circumstances. Maybe they have special needs or live under your roof. In those cases, you do get a little say because “my house my rules”. Other than that, not really. And in this case, parenting adult kids is an even bigger issue.

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And let’s be honest while we’re on the topic, you only get so much of a say even before they are grown. People (kids included) are going to do what they want to do whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, whether that is how we raised them or not. There is a short period in the lives of our kids that we have some control. And that’s the way it was designed.

It’s key, as our kids grow, they be allowed to make age appropriate choices all along the way while they are under the safety and protection of we parents. They need to learn to fail. It builds character. They need to make bad choices so they experience the consequences of the choice they made. I hope that doesn’t sound heartless to you. It isn’t. I’m not.

I know I made mistakes while parenting. I have hopefully owned those and made the amends I needed to make. That’s what parenting adult kids is about. Not being a perfect parent or perfect person. It isn’t possible. Learning from our mistakes is. Parenting adult kids falls under that umbrella.

Parenting adult kids looks different than when they were young. You do so from afar. Parenting adult kids is something we need to learn to navigate because, from my experience, parenting adult kids is a thing.


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