Panera to you

There is a new store opening for business on March 10, 2014, on Hurstbourne Parkway. It is Panera to you.

Panera Bread

As you can see this is a Pick-Up & Delivery store. Although this store is smaller than their usual place I do believe there are a few tables for in-store dining. The emphasis on this store is catering and pick-up and delivery.

I have a friend who is working here. She told me this is only the second store in the country, this smaller, catering store. I did a little research online but wasn’t able to verify that tidbit.

Panera to you provides the same fresh baked goods and delicious food we’ve come to expect and enjoy. How lovely that Panera to you has come to Louisville, not too far from where I live.

8 thoughts on “Panera to you”

  1. Intriguing. We just have regular Panera out here. I didn’t know it was on the west coast and one day in San Francisco I told my husband I was dreaming about Panera because I used to eat it when I lived east. Well he investigated and found that there WAS one near Giants Stadium. As a surprise he got me my favorite order and had it waiting for me after work one day.
    That was magical.

  2. This is A BRILLIANT idea!! How many lunch meetings and such would want delivered panera goods? They will make a KILLING if they open more stores like this. Seriously would probably order from them every week for women’s group!


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