Outer Banks Part Two

This post, Outer Banks Part Two,  was first published on August 12, 2012. I told the first part here Outer Banks.

One of my favorite parts of our vacation was visiting Ocracoke Island. To access the island you must take a ferry. The ferry runs every 30 minutes, and is a 40 minute ride over.

There were shops to visit while you were waiting to load, if you dared. You wouldn’t want to be left behind!
An interesting sight was the UPS truck on the ferry. My husband the letter carrier, just had to talk to the man in brown on the ride over. His route, which he had been doing for years and years, consisted of a 60 minute drive from the office, a 40 minute ferry ride across the sound, the deliveries made on the island, with plenty of time to chat, I’m sure (everyone knows and loves Grant) and then the ride back to the office. Somebody’s gotta do it.
The island was intriguing to me. The lifestyle so very different from what I know. The older natives of the island speak with a brogue, or dialect that is a combination of a few things, belonging solely to the Ocracokers, however, we weren’t fortunate enough to hear it spoken, one reason being that only 1/3 of the residents are natives to the island these days.
A lot of the residential area is still unpaved. I think one of the reasons for that is to lend to the historic feel for the tourists, which accounts for the better portion of the commerce on the island; tourism and fishing. We were invited to visit the place of 100 years ago.
 And another lighthouse!
The island also lays claim to the death of Bluebeard, the pirate who frequented there, as did other pirates.
Another favorite site we visited was The Wright Brothers National Memorial.
These markers memorialize their first successful flights ranging from 12 seconds in the air, to 59 seconds.
It was indeed a high and windy place.
Our last day on the beach was nice the entire day. I hated to say good-bye.

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  1. Interesting note, Laurie. Don’t know if I told you but in the picture of the open UPS truck there is a package labeled “Zappos”. It was shipped from Shepherdsville KY a few miles from where we live. Probably a mailman thing. Kuddos to Grant. He represents UPS well. I wish you well in your retirement


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