Outer Banks

This post was first published on August 31, 2012.

We returned from our vacation on Sunday. We visited Outer Banks, North Carolina. It was a very interesting place. The weather was interesting as well. It was generally cloudy until mid afternoon. It rained a few times, and the temps were in the upper 70s. Not typical OBX August weather from what I gathered.

We did manage beach time, however, and time to explore. One of the fun things we did was visiting Corolla…the home of the “wild horses”. They were wild in a limited sort of way…”for their own protection”, or so we were told. People were hitting them with their vehicles and the population was dying. Seriously?!!! Kind of hard to hit a horse, I would imagine, unless you’re trying really hard to do so…just saying. Of course my uncle did hit a cow one time when he was a teen, and his friends gave him…yeah, maybe I better leave that one alone.

We all went on a Jeep beach tour, to the tune of…well, maybe I’ll leave that one alone too. The thought of the cost of that little venture is still a bit painful. (Why is it so easy to spend money on vacation?) They guarantee you will see wild horses or your money back. We did see a few.

Not exactly what I had envisioned, but wild horses nonetheless. Wild in a they-are-free-to-roam-180-acres-with-a-cattle-grate-over-the-drive sort of way. And roam they did, mostly in the yards of houses and condos. I wanted to see them running like the wind, and frolicking in the white foamy waves of the Atlantic, just like the brochure pictured. That apparently wasn’t guaranteed.

Another “cool” site was the home of Grave Digger. I hope I’m allowed to put that on here. The tour guide is the one who pointed it out. My apologies, Mr. Grave Digger, if I have overstepped my bounds here. I’ll remove it if it’s a problem, I promise! Yep, the place is Grave Digger green!

We also saw a couple of Loggerhead Turtles’ nests. One was supposedly ready to hatch that night. Would have been cool to see.

And we saw a historic village and lighthouse while visiting Corolla.

And another one in Nags Head. I inherited my love of lighthouses from my mother. They charge $7 for the privilege to climb the 268
steps in this one. I declined. It was a fast and full week of new sights…just the way I like.
Have you ever been to Outer Banks?

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  1. I love visiting the beach. We go to Ocean City, New jersey every summer. When I was growing up we went to Ocean Isle, North Carolina. I would love to go back! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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