Our Afternoon…Words and Pics Included

It was a nice Sunday afternoon. The weather was great, 72 degrees in November…I’ll take it. My family and I, minus son #1 who was working, were on a quest.

Son #2 wanted to get ELF on DVD. Mission accomplished…finally…at Walmart.

While looking for the movie we saw this car in the parking lot. They felt the need to inform the public that it was hand-painted. Really?

Our next brief stop was at the Buechel Train Depot. I seem to have vague memories from long ago, of a tragic event taking place near this site, similiar to that of Lizzie Borden. Could be wrong, however, not really sure.

We took a nostalgic side trip to the Catholic school my husband attended until 8th grade. I am not sure what they use this building for these days, sadly it’s no longer a school.

We then ventured downtown, though I’m not sure why at the moment. We saw The Old Spaghetti Factory, and a few other sights along the way.
Louisville Slugger Field

I like the look of the sun behind the clouds near the Louisville International Airport.

This is the billboard I mentioned in a previous post: The Lake, The Studio, and a Billboard, of my nephew…the guy with the cap.
We passed by the KFC Yum! Center. The University of Louisville Cardinals basketball teams call this home. There was a game being played today, in fact.

We watched the last of the second half once we arrived back home.

And enjoyed an Oven Baked Sandwich from Domino’s.
All in all, a very nice day. Even though we didn’t have our usual Sunday afternoon band practice, we saw the drummer and his family on our juant!
Hope your Sunday was just as nice.

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