Opportunity of Suffering

Day 25 of 40 Days of Lent

Today’s devotion is on point. “Jesus answered, ‘It is not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

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Why do we look at suffering and pain as some kind of heavenly punishment? This phrase in the devotion, “Rather, our anguish serves as a beckoning to come to the end of ourselves so we can more fully trust and depend on Christ.” And I might add; that we come to know ourselves during these opportune times, and more importantly, we come to know Christ and He us.

It is in the suffering that we recognize our need for Him, and in the yielding comes healing.

The opportunity of suffering is a gift wrapped in different packaging that we have come to fear and resist, because we see it as sort of revealing our shortcomings and we fear it appears to others as weakness.

It is neither.

In thinking this way, we often miss the opportunity for healing and growth.

Father, help us to welcome and embrace these opportunities of suffering as what they are, chances to know and trust you more. May we see them as times to turn to You.


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