Oklahoma Tornado

Broken lives, broken pieces.

It seems so petty now; everything seems not quite as important when faced with such a devastating natural disaster as the tornado that did so much damage in Oklahoma.

The cleaning schedule. No big deal.
The tall grass that didn’t get mowed today. Not a problem.
The heat and humidity that suddenly appeared. It doesn’t matter.

All the petty things, and those not so small, compared to what some fellow Americans are facing right now, makes it seem minute in comparison.

I’ve read the Tweets that prayers are with those affected. The Tweets that say sending food, money, clothing is way better than prayers. The Red Cross Tweets and RTs. Maybe it takes all of those things, people working together, gathering around the folks who lost so much, today, those whose lives will never be the same.

My thoughts and prayers are with them, too, as I look for ways to help in a practical manner.

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  1. I haven’t even had time to watch the news… I can only imagine the devastation and the horrific scenes. I too will pray… I too will realize that most of what I worry about truly is petty. Thank you for this reminder, Laurie.


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