Okay to Go Gray

I have a standing appointment with my hair dresser every 5-6 weeks. I go to cover the gray. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the time I spend with my hair dresser. We laugh, we joke, we share life stories. But I’m there for a purpose and a costly one at that.

So when is it okay to go gray? I guess that is a question you have to answer for yourself. I’ve been pondering this for a while now.

“You sure don’t look 53”. “I hope I look that good when I’m your age”. “You look good for your age”. “I can’t believe you’re 53”. I’ve heard all of this before. What does it mean exactly?

Maybe I do look 53.

That remains to be seen. 😉

Maybe I don’t look good for my age.

Neither can I.

Relative things.

Okay to Go Gray

These are my parents. A nice looking couple, no? My mom does not color her hair. She never has. In fact, I probably have more gray than she does. I think I take after my dad…just saying.

I have a few friends whose hair color is au naturel. “Color by God” my one friend calls it. These ladies are beautiful. If I knew I would look that good…I’m totally there.

Okay to Go Gray

Mother of the bride…is she gorgeous or what? And the bride’s not bad herself!  You can see where her beauty comes from (no offense to the father of the bride). As an aside, the bride is a hair dresser and her mother (my friend) does color her hair when she can hook up with her daughter but I SO wouldn’t if I were her~

Okay to Go Gray

This is another friend who opts to go with nature’s choice. Again, beautiful! She has a head full of awesome hair to go with her natural beauty inside and out. What I wouldn’t give to have her hair.

I need a guarantee. I want to look like my friends!

Okay to Go Gray

Take my husband, he has really nice hair. Have I mentioned he has had a few modeling jobs? Pssst… I think it’s because of his hair. But men don’t count right? They seriously grow old way more gracefully than women.

Okay to Go Gray

This is me a few years ago. Look at the top of my head…the part. That’s what I really look like. You can tell it’s time for a trip to see my girl. Under all that covering of the gray, the highlights, the lowlights and everything else in between, I. AM. GRAY.

It’s okay to go gray, I know. Just not sure I’m ready.

What about you? When is it okay for you to go gray?

8 thoughts on “Okay to Go Gray”

  1. I thought about the same thing about a year ago. My hairdresser’s opinion: you are way too young looking to do that – it will really age you. He recommended waiting until 60+ years. Yes, I realize he does benefit from the almost monthly visit I make to him to have him work his magic. But he never has been one to try to “sell me” on more than I need (never pushing products or extra procedures) so I trust him. My $.02… If you are not sure then wait. You are a pretty lady and I think you will rock the gray, au naturale look – but there’s plenty of time for that later. For now, enjoy not looking your age.

  2. My going to Go Grey started when I was 19 yrs old. It was wasy too earlythat’s for sure. No one else in my family had this issue! So from 19 on, I have been coloring my hair. I’ve been seen with medium blondish to dark brown. I haven’t tried blue yet LOL, not!!! 🙂

  3. I work very hard at covering my gray. Mom said the other day, while visiting with her, I see you are going gray! WHAT???? I left feeling older and a need to go more often for color. Oh well, I must take after the Cook side too. LOL


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