NSA Conference 2013 Vacation

On June 29 we left our home in Louisville, KY to head west for our vacation.

NSA Conference 2013 Vacation

The Arch is always a highlight landmark as we make our way West.

NSA Conference 2013 Vacation
Gateway to the West

This vacation consisted of a conference. The National Stuttering Association has meant a lot to our family over the last three plus years so this year my husband and I decided to join our daughter to see what all the conference buzz was about.


A vacation of any kind doesn’t just happen all on it’s own. No siree, a lot of planning and hard work go into the whole venture. Not only does the pre-let’s-get-everything-in-order-at-home/work-so-we-can-get-out-of-town take place, but there are others involved too, people you probably have never met.

We rented a vehicle from Avis. They worked with us to ensure we had the automobile we wanted and even gave us an upgrade ( I forget now why exactly) but thumbs up to this company. We rented a 2013 Ford Edge. It was a good ride and handled well. There were a lot of gadgets that I am missing already and we just turned it back it! Kudos to Ford for  making such an awesome ride.

NSA Conference 2013 Vacation
Ford Edge

The first day we drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma. What a great city. We had an easy drive and hindsight had us wishing we would have pushed a bit farther, but during our brief time in this bustling city we had a lovely stay at Hampton Inn, checking in just after having an early dinner/late lunch at Friday’s. The waitress was good, bending the rules a wee bit which awarded her a bigger tip from us. She was all about the customer.

It was a good first day driving. I was again reminded of my love of traveling, however, I did miss my two sons who declined the opportunity to spend hours and hours (twenty-six to be exact just to get to our destination) in a vehicle with the rest of the family.

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