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My friend Trevor has published a new blog post! It is full of his personal journey and truth. Here are a few words of his post Pendulum on Stand: “In high school I didn’t understand how to grow as a man. The decisions I made put me into a heavy, deep “pit”. There were ladders to help me climb out, but I didn’t use those ladders. My freshman year I stepped into high school knowing very few people. My reputation was low, and I felt like I needed to conform to make friends and earn their respect. I felt forced to enter a door that I never should have accessed. This door is a swinging door that teeters back and forth between this world and Christ, it was like my life was a Pendulum on stand.”

To read the rest of that post click here: Pendulum on Stand.

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This kid…okay, he’s not a kid. He is a twenty year old man and he puts it out there. His transparency and vulnerability has a way to make you keep on reading, if for no other reason but to try to figure out why he would share his story with us in such a way.

So I asked him that. I said; “I’m very impressed with your openness. I’m very impressed with how vulnerable you write. Why do you?”

His answer; “I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Every situation can be learned from. Everything is a lesson, it’s just like our faith in God. We can either choose to let situations happen and learn from them or not learn from them. So with me, I was a screw up because I was not fully invested in God. But when I found God, a purpose of hope and success came into play. Even when I do screw up now, I still find the success in it. You have to fail to succeed! Everything I went through, someone else could be going through too! They just might be lost like I was and don’t know the way out. Which is where my story comes into play.”

That’s good stuff. In fact, it reminds me so much of the book I’m reading, Don’t Give Up by Kyle Idleman, senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church. Those are good steps to follow in. It looks like Trevor is doing just that.

You can read more from Trevor by clicking here: Bunker HQ. You will find a wealth of wisdom beyond his twenty years.

Thanks Trevor! Keep writing.

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