New Favorite Author

I have a new favorite author! Her name is Kristy Cambron. Here’s the really cool part, though. I know her. As in, she’s my (new) friend. And, not only is she my friend, but she is the new women’s ministry leader at Southeast Christian Church, which is the church I attend. How exciting is that?

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She a beautiful woman, inside and out. One day, while we were having coffee, except neither of us were actually drinking coffee, I asked her about her books. She is very humble about this gift of writing God has blessed her with. I asked her which book I should start with. I seriously wanted to know! I love to read. I love words. I WANTED to read her work. Her answer? “You don’t have to read any of my books.”

Later that evening I Googled her books, trying to decide where to start! She has a few. I wanted to read the first one in a particular series, so I sent her an email asking her what book I should order. Her response? “You don’t have to read any of my books.”

I get that she was telling me that we would still be friends whether I ever read a book she has written. What a special woman she is.

I ordered The Butterfly and the Violin. I was immediately caught up in the story line and looked forward to ending my day curled up with her book. I savored the vivid characters who literally came alive as I continued to read each chapter. I was enthralled with how she strung certain phrases together to create a mood, a feeling that connected me with the events taking place on the pages as I read.

The book was good, y’all! I ordered the next in the series in hopes that it would arrive before I finished The Butterfly and the Violin. It didn’t, but that’s okay. It should arrive Thursday!

Kristy Cambron’s newest book, Castle on the Rise, the second in this series, was just released today. I will be reading it soon! But first, I must read The Lost Castle!

If you like historical fiction by a really good author, get Kristy’s books! All of them.

I have a new favorite author. I hope she becomes yours too!

You’re welcome!

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