Never Alone

Putting it all together. Taking the puzzle pieces and interlocking them into the places they were hewn to fit. A glance back, trying to make sense of the things that transpired, seemingly out of control, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn’t be in the place you are now, if not for where you were then.

Good and bad, right or wrong aren’t labels that can be attached to the events that took place, that led to the circumstances of now. Or maybe they are. The ability to see beyond the present is the greatest lesson learned, and the grace to let go and allow the One who is all-knowing to carefully mold and create the shattered fragments that remained, into works of art which propels to the next place, the next day, the next breath.

To find oneself in a better place, perhaps not to the untrained eye, but there nonetheless, is the greatest gift of all, knowing that you didn’t arrive there based solely on your own actions, but by divine guidance as each piece was gently placed in the path of a choice to be made. Some things will never be understood, nor liked, nor desired. But necessary no less, to the well-being of the whole, to enable, to embrace, to go forward, to thrive.

But never alone.

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  1. I agree with Amber. . . . beautifully written by a beautiful lady!! Thanks for sharing . . ’cause you share your heart in a very “real” way . . . Love you!


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