We Need Each Other

We need each other to survive in this world. We just do. Like it or not (and a lot of times I don’t) I have to acknowledge that I need someone to help me through.

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I have had people tell me on more than one occasion how strong I am. Not just me, however. I’ve heard it said about others as well. The fact of the matter is none of us are really strong enough to go it alone. I’m not. You’re not. We need each other. We were designed that way.

That’s where the whole concept of higher power came from. When we can’t, when the situation is just too big and overpowering for us, we have a higher power to help us overcome, and we have each other, one step at a time.

My higher power is God. When I am weak, He is strong. That brings me all kinds of comfort and the ability to do the next right thing by taking the next step, do whatever it is that is required of me no matter how simple or mundane.

Which leads me back to we need each other.

God shows up for me in a group setting oftentimes, while exchanging stories, feelings and thoughts with other people who have been where I am. It may sound strange to those of you who have never experienced this type of setting before but it helps to know that there is a real live human being who gets how you feel, who lives where you live and who has survived and came out better having had the experience.

It can be awkward at first but that only lasts briefly as sharing happens. Does this mean I like the groups I attend? Not always. It also doesn’t mean I will be here forever, but it’s good to know there are other people there when you need them.

There are groups for just about every situation. No, really! Grief groups, cancer groups, marriage groups, addiction groups, parenting groups and so many more. They’re designed to be there when you need them, and to keep going back when you’re past the point of needing them if you choose to do so to help others through.

There is no shame in needing and accepting help. I’m not sure why we have made it so. It takes courage and wisdom to come to the point of recognizing we need each other and then doing something about it.

Have you had any group experiences?

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