My Walmart Experience Update

My husband was merrily putting together the newly purchased basketball goal yesterday evening, while our youngest son was mowing the lawn, eagerly anticipating the dribbling of the ball before sinking a shot into the hoop… or not. Whether he was or wasn’t, it didn’t happen quite that way.

After my husband assembled the pole he discovered, much to his dismay and chagrin, that there was no rim, nor was there a net to hang from the rim. Hmm…a basketball goal with no rim or net…

Admittedly this was not the fault of Walmart. No, this was Lifetime’s mistake. Lifetime, an American company. Not good.

My husband called Walmart, the one where we have been spending so much time of late, and was told that no, they couldn’t just take the rim and net out of the box that contained the exact same goal we had purchased, but instead he would need to disassemble the pole, and bring it all back to the store to exchange it for the other one.

That is what my husband did, God bless his soul. He threw it all in the trunk because he was, of course, unable to get it back in the box, due to the exact manner in which it was packed. Come to think of it, however, there should have been a little extra room in the box since it was MISSING THE RIM!!!

My husband went to the service desk to get an employee and a handy little cart to haul it all back in. He, of course, waited and waited for someone from the sporting goods department to come and assist. That never happened. Instead, the CSM left his station, with permission from the powers that be, and helped my husband get the goal pieces and box back into the store.

My husband did ask for the opportunity to speak with the store manager. The only thing the store manager offered were excuses and a little passing of the buck.

This experience added another 30 minutes to the accumulative hour of purchasing the basketball goal.

Again I ask, what is up with Walmart?

By the time my husband returned from Walmart it was too dark outside to begin assembling the new goal, so it remains to be seen whether all the needed pieces are in this box. Can’t wait to find out.

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