My Third Grade Teacher

My Third Grade Teacher

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Today I am writing about my third grade teacher, Miss Rice. I have a memory of Miss Rice, only one, and I hope she’s not reading because it’s not the most favorable memory. ( I also got the prompt from Mama Kat).

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It happened in the cafeteria of our elementary school.

Miss Rice always carried a bottle of Tabasco Sauce in her purse. I don’t know why I know this but I do. Maybe she shared that on the very first day as she was welcoming the class to the new school year. It could have went something like this, “Hello class. I am Miss Rice. I will be your teacher this year. I am excited for all the things you will learn. I carry a bottle of Tabasco Sauce in my purse at all times”.

Miss Rice must have been a waitress in a previous life, or at least before she became a teacher. I deducted this because she would carry her lunch tray balanced on one had, without fail, her elbow bent, as she walked to her table with a bit of a saunter…like she was…well…all that.

Miss Rice was young and pretty. It’s not that I didn’t like her, I did! (I think). When the tray she was carrying began to wobble, there was a collective gasp amongst my fellow students. I can still see it in my mind’s eye, that bottle of Tabasco Sauce teetering on the corner of the tray, where it was placed every day at lunch time. When that tray came crashing down and the contents of it all splashed up on her bright yellow dress, well, the gasp turned into a laugh…sort of…as much as one dared to laugh at one’s teacher.

Poor Miss Rice. I’m not positive of this but I don’t think she ever carried her tray that way again…at least not THAT year.

Do you have a teacher memory? Please share!


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  1. Laurie, your post took me right back to my elementary school cafeteria!! I had lots of great teachers who I loved very much, but my 3rd grade teacher was an unhappy, angry woman, and seemed to take it out on us. However, as an adult, I became a teacher….and I used all of my former teachers as role models. Some as how to be, and some as how NOT to be. So they all helped. 😉

    Love, Joy

    • So lovely of you to stop by. Isn’t it funny how some memories stick with us? I’m sure you are an awesome teacher if you’ve used your teachers as models, both good and bad.


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