My Son’s Birthday

Today my son enters his last year as a teen. Nineteen years ago today I spent in a hospital, laboring for many long hours to bring this man-child of mine into the world.

I can honestly say that it doesn’t seem like yesterday, the day he was born, but I do remember certain aspects of the day like they occurred not too long ago. And the days spent watching him grow and learn, now those days do seem like not so very long ago.

I miss those days that were sometimes overwhelming. I miss cuddling together as we read a book or watched a movie or the oh so dreaded purple dinosaur. I miss those days of “Mommy, watch me” and “Daddy, look what I can do”. I miss those days in so many ways.

But it is true that with loss comes new opportunity. I am blessed to be able to watch my son grow into the responsible, honest, talented and sincere young man that he is today. I enjoy hearing his opinions and thoughts on life. I am excited for his future and look forward to the family that he will one day have.

Though I can never go back to the days of old, and I sometimes wish I could, I relish this part of life even with the letting go, the knowing that our family of five living under one roof won’t always be and I am okay with that. I am thankful for the gift of motherhood with all the joys and trials it brings. Today I celebrate my son.

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