My Out of Body Experience

Yesterday was my oldest son, my middle child’s twenty-first birthday. And I had an out of body experience.

Our entire family, plus the birthday boy’s girlfriend, all went out to dinner. It was our first time at Chuy’s. It was a great experience. The food was good, the service fine, and our waiter, thank you, Jay, was exceptional. But I digress.

After we arrived back home for the cake and present festivities, my son and his girlfriend wanted to talk with us, so we went out to the deck to enjoy the evening air.

That’s when the out of body experience took place. I watched my husband and I take seats across from the swing where my son and his girlfriend were sitting. I listened as they talked to us of their future plans, their future together, and heard my responses, and my husband’s. I even watched my son sip on a legally purchased beer (okay, half a beer, no worries, Mom!) and knew this couldn’t be happening.

My son is a child still, (apparently in my mind only). I just took him to his first Little League baseball game where he wanted to know if I told his grandparents what channel they could watch his game on.

I just watched him learn to ride his bike, catch a ball, climb a tree.

I just reprimanded him for dumping apple juice on his sister’s head right before her first dance recital. I just did all those things with this little boy.

So it ends up it wasn’t an out of body experience after all. My son is a man, fully legal in every way, preparing to strike out on his own and ford a life for himself and his future wife…just the way God intended.

I’m okay with it all, this newly changing life of ours, for the most part anyway, because that’s the way it’s supposed to be…

just saying

8 thoughts on “My Out of Body Experience”

  1. OH WOW!!!! I cannot even imagine how you must be going crazy in so many emotional ways, Laurie!! Excitement and sadness all wrapped up neatly in a mamabear package, with a bow of reflection and perhaps- hope. Your baby boy’s future is happening… now. Congratulations!!!

  2. Absolutely love this post! I don’t have children of my own, but I’ve had a few out of body experiences in regards to my own life. I find myself thinking about my past and how fast things have gone by. It’s like just yesterday I was four or five years old running around my house playing “chase” with my older brother. The years go by too fast!


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