My Little Brother Turns 40

I can’t even believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. This month has been a full one. May usually is. Besides the normal end of school activities, my mother’s cousin passed away. Which was unexpected, sort of, and sad because she wasn’t that old.

My aunt (who was married to my uncle for most of my life, until he passed away six years ago) remarried two weeks ago.

She was a happy and beautiful bride, as you can see. A few unexpected emotions arose for me (which doesn’t surprise me AT ALL), but I am happy for her.

My son had the lead role in Crazy For You, which required lots of extra practices, rehearsals, and set and tech checks. It was a good show.

I couldn’t, however, let my baby brother turning 40 pass by without a mention. The hard thing about realizing that my youngest sibling is turning 40 means I am 52, which I am…wow.

Happy Birthday little brother. May you have another prosperous, adventurous and healthy 40 (or so) more.

I love you and am proud to call you brother and friend.

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