My Husband…Victor Hugo

We are a homeschooling family. Our oldest two have graduated. Our youngest is a Junior in high school this year.

They all attended a one day a week cottage school. They were each involved in various classes. The main attraction for us was the drama class. The teacher of the class is a very talented, creative instructor and director.

They just put on a production of Les Miserables in February. Diane, the director, decided my husband would make an excellent Victor Hugo, the author and narrator of the play. My husband was Victor Hugo.

He did a good job. He was told in advance by the director that he didn’t need to memorize the lines. She was going to stage it so that he was holding a book as he walked back and forth in front of the stage, and he would be able to read his lines. Easy peasy.

My husband decided just a week or so before opening night that it would be way more effective if he memorized his lines. And so he did. My husband became Victor Hugo.

Just days before the performance, as my husband was rehearsing his lines obsessively, he decided that he needed to speak with a French accent to make it more authentic. He sounded like Pepe La Pu.

Our son, who played the part of Marius, finally came out of his room and told his dad to lose the accent, it wasn’t a comedy, he told him, though it was rather funny.

The cast did a great job. The show was good and they are now working on The Scarlet Pimpernel which will be done in May. My husband has a part in that as well.

I just can’t wait.

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